About us

Welcome to Chasis Everything store, your one stop shop for exquisite Ankara fabrics, headwraps, bonnets and accessories.. Our collection is designed for everyone and the fabrics comes in varieties of colors. We focus on small details as they make a huge difference when it comes to an enjoyable and comfortable experience. A happy customer is what our Vision is all about.

Our Story

Mariam Adepoju is Founder and CEO of Chasiseverything, a brand designed to empower women and children of color in a truly diverse and inclusive fashion. Mariam is a lead-by-example creator who works to uplift, advocate and inspire women and children of color to achieve greatness.Chasiseverything is committed to making women feel great and worthy in our timeless pieces.
“While growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, Mariam felt the need to empower women and she saw so many children whose realities were even worse than what she had been through. She had a burning desire: to create a brand inspire independent, victorious, fearless women.
Her previous career as a banker had instilled in her a keen awareness of how women are viewed and she was passionate about dispelling the myth that luxury fashion is solely reserved for Western cultures. She recognized the dearth of luxury African fashion brands and was determined to create one that did not compromise on quality.
Mariam moved to the United states to start a family about half a decade ago and learnt how to sew in a month. Through sewing, she was able to pay for her MBA and she is inspiring women to go after their dreams.
Born out of a mission to create unique handmade garments inspired by Africa, fashioned from authentic fabrics for the modern African woman to remind women how beautiful, unique and worthy
When you shop with us, you're doing more than just buying a gift. You're supporting the talents and hard work of these women artisans by giving back to their communities and helping them to continue to create beautiful pieces of art. Plus, every purchase you make helps us to support kids' education in Africa.